ABC of Betting

The world of gambling is vast and ever growing. The times of a simple bet on winner or loser have long gone. We have put a few points about the betting world together to keep you up to date with the ever changing nature.
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Please do not financially rely on gambling or betting as there is no such thing as immediate wealth with the help of betting. People insisting on quick money are simply dodgy or liars. Every punter should think carefully what he/she aims to achieve.

Just for fun:   –  You do not look to get a permanent profit. You place a bet sometimes to support your team or to make the evening football on telly that little bit more important. You do not need to worry about money management or various bookmakers. REMEMBER: Only bet with money you can afford to lose!

Professional gambler:  –  There are 2 types of the professionals:

1. You do gambling as your profession. You totally rely on betting to finance your life. Only the smallest minority of all gamblers suit this description and it is a very dangerous way of living.

2. You place bets on a regular basis and aim to make extra money. This would describe most of us and is the most common type of gambler.

However, if you do want to get serious about gambling, you need to pay attention to a few points. We have listed the most important aspects of successful betting below.

a) Moneymanagement:

Different people will tell you different things, but the basics are the same. You need to decide your budget. Remember: Only gamble money which you can afford to lose. Of your budget you will set yourself a min stake and a max stake. This is in order to avoid losing everything with one bet.

Your min stake is equivalent to 1 out of 10(1/10). Your max stake therefore equates to 10/10. This is vital in order to eliminate the danger of massive stakes on small odds or to small stakes on greater odds. You must not lose your profits of your last 5 winnings with one bet. Having set your budget, for instance: £1000.00. The min stake 1/10 equates to 1% of your budget, in this case £10.00. This will go up to 10% (10/10) which is equivalent to £100.00 for our example. Before placing a bet you should now evaluate the likelihood of your bet winning.

Big outsider tips are least likely to succeed therefore should only be played with 1/10 or max 2/10. Very likely outcomes can be played with up to 10/10. The idea is clear, at the end of a week, month, or year we want a positive balance. This balance can quickly be ruined with one wild shot. Money management will ensure that no bets will be placed which are no value for money. Gambling takes hard discipline as temptation of quick money will be great and only the strong minds will come out on top. helps you keeping a great overview of all your tips, your balance and your statistics.

Statistics and information

If you are looking to earn some money with betting you have to invest time. Accurate information about Team A vs Team B is vital to place your bet. You can not just put money on Team A because they are the favourites. A good bet needs a lot more investigation. Statistics like head to head, current form, injuries, suspensions, home form, away form, situation of the team in the competition or manager issues are very influential for your decision. You can get all of that information online at various web pages. Please find our „Betting Corner“ for these pages. Having considered all factors, your bet is much more likely to succeed.

Odds and Odds comparisons

The internet is full of online bookmakers. The competition between these companies gives the consumer a vast choice of odds. In order to find the best odds for your bet you should use an Odds comparison website like our partner site Wettportal The difference of odds between the various bookmakers is sometimes enormous. To maximise your winnings you should always go for the greatest odds.

All of these 3 factors need to be considered to become a successful sports gambler.


Due to the amount of online bookmaker the competition between them is fierce.
That means good news for the gambler. Most bookmakers offer generous bonuses to entice new customers. Basically, it can be said that these bonuses are good value and should be taken advantage off. The most common bonus is the first time deposit bonus. With your first deposit the bookmaker will give you a certain percentage (depending on bookmaker) on top. Please be aware that most bookmakers have strict conditions regarding the withdrawal of bonus payments. This can range from a certain amount of turn over of deposit and bonus to bets with „higher odds“. Please inform yourself with each bookmaker before agreeing to the first deposit of money. The second most popular bonus is the so called free bet. Again, the deposit is necessary and your bookmaker will offer you a “free bet” with the value of a certain percentage (again depending on bookmaker) of your pay in. If your “free bet” is successful you can keep the winnings, if you loose you still have your full pay in. We will provide a summary about all major bookmakers’ bonus programmes very soon.

Overall, gambling can be a fantastic hobby with great potential to earn some extra cash. But you must not forget that it is still a risky hobby and even the best preparation will not change the fact that a bet is a gamble.