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Tipstersbook.com is a web2.0 Community designed by sports gamblers for fellow sports gamblers. Customers can register free of charge and get access to all areas of the webpage. You can set up your own profile to introduce yourself to the sports betting world, similar to other major communities.

Users can get together in groups and discuss about betting and anything else in forums and via private messaging. But the heart of tipstersworld is your chance of building a reputation within the betting world with your very own sports tips. Your tips will be published under your profile and available to other users. All tips will be placed with the help of http://www.wettportal.com and automatically analysed when finished. This will create your very own statistic which indicates to you and other users how well you are doing.

Tipstersworld is a step further than all existing online communities and will help users making a profit with gambling. We have listened to gamblers all over the world and implemented a number of functions unique to Tipstersworld.com. One of these functions is our unique search function. Users can finally specifically confine their search to find exactly what they are looking for. That may be the best tipsters, tips to a specific event or even the tips with the highest odds. This is virtually impossible with existing web pages due to the vast amount of tips.

Furthermore we are proud to offer the first real community for gamblers of all kinds. Existing "communities" are limited to the users tips, this will change with us. We offer all known functions of a real online community with the user's profile as important as his/her tips. You are encouraged to present yourself to the world and participate in all aspects of a real online community.

We aim to develop Tipstersworld to the main online community for sports gamblers by unifying all existing online services around sports betting. Please expect constant updates, innovations and improvements.

We are happy to welcome you to Tipstersbook. Please do not hesitate to contact us with comments, questions and anything else
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