This trophy has to be earned by each tipster. It gives an indication about the quality of tips placed by this user. Depending on his/her statistics the trophy can be bronze, silver, gold or even platinum. The criteria are as follows:

Bronze (bronze colored trophy) - 0-50 placed sports tips – condition: no negative Yield

Silver (Silver colored trophy) - min 50 placed sports tips – condition: Yield of min 3%

Gold (Gold colored trophy) – min 200 placed sports tips – condition: Yield of min 5%

Platinum (Platinum colored trophy + garland of corn) – min 500 placed sports tips – condition: Yield of min10%

Yes, registration and membership is free of charge now and always will be.

Please log in and go to „my profile“. Here you will find the button „offering bet“. Click then on „basic bet“ and you will be redirected to our odds comparison site. Please choose your event and by clicking on the wanted odds your bet will be directed back to Tipstersbook. Now just add your stake (1-10) and any comment (not mandatory). Your bet will then be saved as pending tips on your betting slip. You can now add more tips or/and submit your betting slip. An email will be sent automatically to your subscribers (if you have any)

Tipstersbook reserve the right to warn users who do not adhere to the Tipstersbook terms and conditions.

Please report any wrong doings to marketing@Tipstersbook.com. We will than take the appropriate steps.

We do have 2 types of groups. One is the „Fun group“ and the other is the more competitive „Performance group“. The „Performance group“ is more competitive because it displays its statistics. Overall profit of the group (all group members profits added up), overall activity of the group (all group members activities added up) and the overall Yield (average of all group members Yields) will be on show, compared to no statistics at all for „Fun groups“

The betting corner is a collection of high quality websites and web services which are essential to a successful sports gambler. Every link has been checked by Tipstersbook and is ranked by its users.
Furthermore all users can create their own favorites for quick access.. Should you know or own a website which you want to suggest, please do so. We are always looking to broaden our selection.
The „betting corner“ also offers interesting articles and services all related to sports gambling. We continuously expand the „betting corner“

Tipstersbook offers the first real community for sports gamblers. User can set up their profiles, create groups and interactively communicate with each other. Every user gets the chance to build a reputation within the „gambling world“ and to develop personal skills with the help of others.

Tipstersbook stands above the crowd with a unique user-friendliness when placing predictions and the unforgivable automatic prediction evaluation. Users can subscribe to other users predictions (email notification) to guarantee a close following of other users and the possible placing of winning bets.
Tipstersbook also offers the groundbreaking possibility of selling your predictions. Please inform yourself about the conditions.
In addition, Tipstersbook offers a very specific search function for predictions, users and groups to minimize the time spent searching.

If you have noticed incorrect tips,false odds or issues with the evaluation please email us at: marketing@tipstersbook.com

Tipstersbook are a new and unique sports community and we are trying to establish ourselves with the ever growing fan base of sports betting. We already have a number of add ons planned to insure continuous improvement and development. Our aim is to become the main online sports platform and to offer our customers everything which could possibly be needed to become a successful gambler.

Tipstersbook is currently available in 2 languages (German and English). You can change the language at the top right corner of the screen. If the site keeps changing to German language please delete the cookies in your browser.

Trophies need to be earned. The main condition to receive a trophy is a positive yield. For further information please see: -->click

At Tipstersbook all tips must be placed at least 1hr before the event starts. Tips on the betting slips need to be submitted before the 1hr slot to kick off passes by. This is to give other users to the time to read the tip and possibly play it.

This function is a reward for active users at Tipstersbook. Users who have placed a minimum of 1 tips within the last 30 days can upload a banner to their profile. This can be done by clicking the tab "Banner" at the "settings" of your profile. The user can choose 2 banners with different size.
The first banner is 728x90 which will be displayed at your "latest tips".
The second banner is 468x60 and will be displayed at your "show all statistics".

The basic rules are:

Only sports and sport betting related banners are allowed, which includes your websites, blogs and forums. You can even advertise your own affiliate program.
Important! Every banner will be checked by Tipstersbook before going live. Inappropriate banners will not be allowed and deleted immediately. This process will repeat itself every time you made any changes to your banner.

A Premium Tip is supposed to represent the users favourite tip. It should be very well researched and should base on deep knowledge of the event, background information or even insider information.
A Premium Tip can only be placed every 24hrs. After placing your Premium Tip a timer will appear in your tip slip indicating exactly when you are entitled to your next Premium Tip. A comment explaining your Premium Tip is mandatory and the Admin team of Tipstersbook will monitor that.
Important: To place a Premium Tip you must not load more than one tip in your tip slip.

All Premium Tips on Tipstersbook are easily recognised by the big yellow star. Each tipster has his/her own statistic for normal tips and exclusively for his/her Premium Tips. Additionally, all Premium Tips will automatically appear on Tipstersbook’s Facebook fanpage:
Tipstersbook on Facebook