Football Predictions

Information to our Football Predictions

Here, you can find our football predictions. All our predictions are calculated with a secret, but proven formula. This formula has been developed by TipstersWorld.
All predictions are being evaluated automatically once the event has finished. By clicking on "options" you can define your search within our predictions.
You can, for example, chose to include only certain leagues, or display only certain predicted outcomes.
Furhtermore you can check the success rate of our football predictions by clicking the "statistics" button. For more information please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

More information about our Football Predictions

The football predictions offered by TipstersWorld are being calculated by our own unique formula. This formula has been developed over a long time period and is continuously being updated to reach a success rate as high as possible.

What is the prediction software capable of?

The software takes numerous factors in consideration and automatically predicts the outcome of a football game for almost all leagues worldwide.
The table should be read as follows:
1. The actual prediction
This column shows the real prediction of our software.
This will be displayed either by a prediction on 1/X/2 or as a Double Chance (DC).
2. The columns DC and 1/X/2 will show a percentage. The percentage will of course only be shown for the predicted outcome, 1/X/2 or the Double Chance (DC).
3. The other columns display the odds for that game, the result (when finished) and whether the prediction was correct or not.

How can I use the football predictions to my advantage?

Firstly, our predictions are not supposed to replace the need for good analysis of a sports bet. The main functions are of a supporting manner. It can serve as an important tool whether to go for that particular bet or not.
You can use it as your last piece of confirmation for your potential bet or use it at the beginning to preselect a number of potential bets.

Can I achieve profit with the football predictions on TipstersWorld?

Of course, it is not possible to guarantee anything in sports betting, but our results over the last few month have shown that it is more than possible to make profit when using our predictions. We also know it is unrealistic to play every single prediction, that's why a good selection is vital. We, for instance have tried to focus on outsider bets with higher odds and played Asian handicaps. This tactic served us very well and still does.

But everyone's got a different style and method. As always, we encourage you to "play" your tips with us first before actually risking your own money. If you would like to introduce us to your style or discuss certain tactics with other tipsters please click here to get to our forum.