Football Betting Odds

The most important aspect of sports and football betting is betting odds offered by bookies. If you are new to football betting, understanding betting odds should be top of your list of things to investigate and master before jumping in blindly.

With Tipsters World by your side, you won’t have any problems in deciphering or understanding football betting odds. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest and best odds offered at top-rated football betting sites.

Odds can be explained as an indication of the chances of winning, as well as an indication of what the estimated return is. Finding the best odds for your football betting strategy is key for successful betting.

Latest Football Betting Odds Comparison

To make the most of your football betting endeavors, you’ll have to shop around to find the best odds. It is important to understand that bookies adjust odds according to market trends, which means odds are always fluctuating and changing.

At Tipsters World we provide real-time updates on odds while we publish football betting odds comparisons. This enables our community members to scan and easily find the best football betting sites offering the best odds.

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Types of Football Betting Odds

The first thing any football bettor needs to learn is the difference between different types of odds offered by bookies. If you’ve never been to an online football betting site, chances are you might feel a bit overwhelmed when deciding on the type of bet based on the odds offered.

The most common type of odds offered at sportsbooks is decimal odds, while fractional and Moneyline odds can also be found. Understanding the difference between these and how these can influence your returns is paramount for successful football betting and can influence your betting strategy.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are the most common type of odds offered by the majority of top-rated football betting sites. In addition to this, decimal odds are also much easier for most football bettors to calculate probability and returns.

To calculate what your returns might be, all you have to do is follow a simple calculation; odds offered multiplied by your stake and subtracting your stake again. If a bookie offers 1.25 odds, and you bet $5, the calculation would look like this:

1.25 x 5 – 5 = $1.25

The odds also indicate the probability of an event occurring or your prediction being correct. In the example above, the probability of winning is 1.25.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds, while not as widely used as decimals nowadays, were the original type of odds used by bookies throughout the ages. It is most commonly used in horse racing bets but can also be used in football betting.

Fractional odds are displayed as 9/1, for example. Fractional odds are a bit more complicated and require some more calculus. It is also mainly used to calculate probability and does not indicate what your returns can be. The calculation would be:

1 / (9 + 1) = 0.10

The percentage then indicates the probability of your prediction is correct. In this example, you have a 10% chance of winning.

Moneyline (US) Odds

Moneyline odds are not as common in football, but you may come across it at some football bookies. This type of odds is most popular in the United States and indicates how much you have to bet to get returns of $100.

The odds are also only linked to whoever wins a match. In Moneyline odds, there is usually a favorite and an underdog. If for instance, Liverpool is playing against Manchester, Moneyline odds can be displayed as

Manchester -120

Liverpool +130

Here, Liverpool is considered the favorites and the Moneyline indicates you have to bet $130 to make a profit of $100.

The Latest Football Betting Tips

Navigating the world of football betting can be stressful, especially if you are a newbie trying your luck for the first time. When you join Tipsters World, you’ll have access to all the latest and greatest football betting tips to get you off to a great start.

From the latest scores and match results to odds comparisons, you’ll find it all on Tipsters World. Our team of experts and tipsters are dedicated to helping you excel at your football betting activities.

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Football Betting Odds Comparison

When it comes to football betting, comparing the odds offered by bookies is crucial for a successful betting strategy. Odds give bettors insights as to their chances of winning and what their profit could look like. You also won’t come across the same odds at different bookies.

As football betting markets fluctuate constantly, bookies have to adapt their odds. This is to ensure they don’t lose too much while giving football bettors a fair chance of winning. That is another reason why you won’t find the same odds offered at two different betting sites.

Comparing odds is, therefore, the cornerstone of every successful betting strategy. This will ensure you’ve got the best chances of winning and make some worthwhile money while you are at it.

At Tipsters World, you’ll find real-time updates and betting odds comparisons to ensure you make the most of your football betting activities.

How does it work?

Simple. The team at Tipsters World scours the world wide web in search of the best football betting sites. We then take the data we’ve found and compiled a comparison of all the sites’ odds offered.

This means you can easily find the best football betting site simply by browsing our odds comparison table.

Betting Markets

Betting markets refer to the different types of bets offered by bookies. Because the football betting industry has become increasingly competitive, we’ve seen an increase in the availability of several different types of betting markets.

The most common betting markets include 3-way betting (winning team), over-under (total number of goals scored by both teams), and both teams to score.

Bookie Odds

Bookie odds, as we have mentioned before, are the most important deciding factor behind football betting. Odds differ from one football betting site to another and can influence your profit and chances of winning.

Odds are calculated meticulously to reflect the real likeliness of something happening, while the bookmaker can break even.

Why They Differ?

This is easy. Different sportsbooks are run and owned by different people who get their information from different places. The calculation made to come up with odds includes researching the probability of something happening.

The other obvious reason is the fact that the profits of sportsbooks also plays a role, and as each company runs independently, the odds at one bookie will never be the same as at another.

The Best Football Betting Bookies of 2019

Finding the best football betting bookies plays a big role in football betting. Things to look out for include the best odds, great bonuses and of course a variety of markets to bet on. The team here at Tipsters World knows exactly how to find the best bookies out there.

We find and evaluate only the best football betting bookies out there to ensure our community members have access to great betting sites. For an unforgettable football betting experience, trust Tipsters World to point you in the right direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Football betting and odds can be a bit confusing, especially when you’ve only started. While it can be a bit overwhelming trying to get to grips with football odds, what they are and how to calculate your possible profits, it doesn’t have to be rocket science.

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we receive from our community members regularly and have provided answers to them here. Find out all you need to know about football betting odds and more right here.

How to convert different types of football betting odds?

It is important to understand why you need to convert football betting odds before learning how to do the actual conversion. The reason why bettors convert these odds is to have an estimate of implied probability or your chances of winning.

Decimal Odds

The formula to calculate implied probability for decimal odds is 1 divided by the decimal odds multiplied by 100, to give you a percentage. Here’s an example with odds equal to 1.65:

1/1.65*100 = 60% chances of the event taking place.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds indicate what your profit could be. To calculate the implied probability for fractional odds, you have to divide the denominator by the total of the numerator and denominator. Here’s an example where the odds equal 5/2:

2/ 2 + 5 0.28 x 100 = 28% chances of event taking place.

What is the difference between a football odd and a bet payout?

Simple, the odd indicates the house edge and what you need to bet to earn a profit if you’ve made a correct prediction. The payout refers to what the bookie is paying to winners.

What makes a good odd? How to evaluate your chances of winning?

A good odd is one where the punter has a fair shot at making a profit. The key to successful football betting lies in finding great odds that offer value. To evaluate your chances of winning, you have to consider the probabilities of matches you want to bet on.

Once you have a good idea of probabilities, you can carefully calculate and identify the sportsbook that offers the best and most valuable odds. Do so by comparing the implied probability with the probability you’ve established.

This should give a clearer idea of what your chances of winning are, while you’ll also be able to select the best odds.

What are betting bonuses? How do they work?

Sportsbooks offer football bettors rewarding bonuses that they can use when betting on a match. These bonuses can be subject to specific markets, odds and bets, but are still offered to bettors for free.

The bonus bet allows you to bet without wagering your own money. If your bet was incorrect, you do not lose anything, and if you win, you’ll receive the profit (and not the wager amount as usually done with regular bets).