Free Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance in our football betting endeavors. Whether you are a newbie only discovering the thrill of betting on football, or an experienced bettor looking for fresh tactics to up your betting game, tips and predictions can help you place better bets.

And that is exactly what you’ll get when you join Tipsters World. Our team together with our tipster community provides real-time predictions and betting tips, at no cost to you. Find helpful football betting tips that can take your football betting activities to new heights with us.

Latest Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Football betting requires a lot of elements and effort. You need to stay on top of match scores, team dynamics and so much more. We understand that you also have other responsibilities that can hinder your progress and success at football betting.

You won’t have to worry about losing out on the latest tips or predictions when you join Tipsters World. We publish real-time updates, tips, and predictions to ensure you have the best chances of succeeding and winning.

Join our community and start reaping the rewards of free football betting tips and predictions today.

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Major Football Leagues

While dabbling in several markets can be fun, betting on major football leagues is where the heat is at. If you are serious about football betting, chances are you already bet on some of the biggest football leagues out there today. Betting on major football leagues can be very rewarding.

With Tipsters World, you’ll also be able to get real-time updates on major league matches, clubs and teams. We’ll keep you in the loop and ensure you are fully aware of any winning predictions you need to take note of to ensure a winning bet.

Premier League Predictions

The English Premier League is one of the biggest in football. Get all the latest Premier League betting tips and real-time predictions when you join Tipsters World. We’ll keep you posted on everything you need to consider before placing that winning bet on one of Europe’s biggest football tournaments.

Champions League Predictions

Football bettors from around the globe bet on the UEFA Champions League. This elite tournament is by far the biggest, most popular and most lucrative to bet on in the world of football betting. Get all the latest spot-on Champions League predictions from Tipsters World.

La Liga Predictions

Leading the UEAFA Champions League for the past couple of years is Spain’s La Liga. The league consists of 20 clubs and if you are serious about football betting, you’ll want to get in on La Liga betting opportunities. With Tipsters World you’ll get all the latest predictions, so you’ll know where to place your bet.

Serie A Brazil Predictions

The Serie A Brazil League is the most prestigious contest of its kind in Brazil. If you wish to bet on this tournament, you’ll be able to do so with confidence. Our tipster community provides actionable betting tips while you’ll also be able to make the most of our real-time predictions.

Liga NOS Predictions

Betting on the best Portuguese teams during the hottest tournaments is a breeze with Tipsters World. We provide great betting tips and real-time Liga NOS predictions to help you place informed bets while you are guaranteed a bigger chance of winning. Never miss out on any of the Liga NOS predictions and scores with us.

The Top Football Betting Sites

A big part of our work here at Tipsters World is finding the very best football betting sites for football betting fanatics like you. Our team carefully evaluates, rates and reviews the top-rated football betting sites so you’ll know exactly which site offers the best bonuses and odds.

We recommend sites that are licensed and legal to ensure our community members can enjoy a safe and rewarding betting experience. You’ll also find that football betting sites evaluated by us offer great bonuses and a variety of payment and withdrawal options to choose from. Find the very best football betting sites recommended by us today.

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How Football Betting Works

If you’re a complete noob in the world of football betting, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed. But there is no need to get discouraged! Getting to grips with the basics of football betting is easy, as long as you take notes and keep track of everything that’s going on.

As Tipsters World is a top-rated football tipsters platform, we will guide you on your way to understanding the inner workings of football bettings. Our key tips will ensure you know exactly how football betting works and get you started betting like a pro in no time!

Pre-Live vs. Live Betting

Depending on the football betting site you join, you’ll be able to bet on a football game before it starts as well as during. You can even combine the two to increase your chances of winning.

Pre-live bets cannot be changed, whereas live betting has some leeway to adjust your bet as you watch the game unfold.

Betting Markets

It is important to understand the football betting markets before you get started. You’ll find dozens of markets offered by top-rated football betting sites. In essence, betting markets serve as space where sportsbooks display the odds they offer for specific bets.

You have to sift through the odds offered on the type of bet you wish to place and select the one you see fit.

Football Odds

One of the key factors to be a successful football bettor is understanding football odds and how they are calculated. The reason why you should pay attention to football odds is that these give you an indication of the likelihood as predicted by bookies of something to happen.

It also indicates what you’ll get or win if you’ve placed a winning bet. Get familiar with both fractional and decimal odds.

Betting Stake

For you to place a bet on a football match, you need to wager. The term betting stake refers to the actual money that you are parting with to place your bet. Stakes can then be understood as the amount you bet or risk losing while betting on a football match. Bets, stakes, and odds are the three main components of football betting.

The bet is the agreement between you and the sportsbook, the stake is the money you bet, while the odds indicate the cost of the bet.

Live Cashout

If you are all in for excitement and place bets while the match is on (live betting), you have the option to cash out your bet before the results are in. It is important to gauge the match and understand what your earnings or losses would be.

Live cashout allows you to either get your winnings as your predictions are realized, or get your bet money back if the game changes while watching.

Following Tipsters

A lot of beginner football bettors are not aware of the fact that they can follow tipsters who are in most cases experienced football bettors. These bettors have experience in football betting and provide expert tips on predictions and overall betting strategies.

Following tipsters can be very beneficial, especially to those with little to no experience. In doing so you’ll be able to up your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you’ve got plenty of questions and uncertainties, especially if you are new to online football betting. Even those who have been betting on football for years still learn new tricks and things each day, the key is to remain curious and learn as much as possible.

Here, we’ve compiled a couple of the frequently asked questions we receive from some of Tipster World’s community and tipsters. Take a look and see if we’ve covered your questions or concerns in the list below. We encourage you to reach out if you still have any questions about football betting.

What are the best football leagues to bet on online?

We cover all the best and most lucrative leagues to bet on here at Tipsters World, so you don’t have to waste much time finding them. The biggest and most popular leagues to consider betting on include the Premier League, Champions League, and La Liga.

What is the difference between a punter and a trader?

While both punters and traders bet on football matches, there is a distinct difference between the reasoning behind their betting strategies. Punters watch the game and place their bets. They then wait to see what the outcome of the match and their bet is.

Traders, on the other hand, place their bets based on odds. They study the odds and place bets in such a way that the outcome of a match does not play a significant role in their winnings.

How to trust online football betting tipsters? Everything you should know!

Let’s face it, football betting, much like any form of betting, involves risk. Unfortunately, there is no way around that. On the flip side of the coin, it is this risk factor that makes it so thrilling. Yet, bettors also want to stand a decent chance of winning.

Tipster communities are growing rapidly with the growing demand for tipsters. While you can come across some tipsters that may be scammers, there are some tipsters out there who share tried and tested tips.

Tipsters World is a platform that is open to both football bettors and tipsters. Our platform offers reliable and well-researched data and tips to help guide football bettors to becoming successful in their football betting activities. Here are some tips on how to know whether a tipster is trustworthy or not:


A trustworthy tipster will be completely transparent about all his dealings, expertise and experience. They will share their knowledge or tips freely and without hesitation.

History of Success

Tipsters with a good track record are few and far between. If you come across a tipster with a history of successful bets, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Unique Tips

Unreliable tipsters tend to share different tips with different bettors to earn more, while reliable tipsters will focus on providing trustworthy tips and advice to those seeking it.

Focus on Value

Reliable tipsters will not guide you on a whim or flimsy prediction alone. They will take the odds into careful consideration and ensure they add real value, without influencing the odds.

If you wander off to other tipster sites or services, be sure to keep the above pointers in mind. But, if you plan to stick around with Tipsters World, you can rest assured that our tipsters are trustworthy and reliable.

What kind of monthly returns can I expect when betting on football?

Your returns depend on multiple variables, for instance, the number of times you bet, the number of bets you place per month, the type of bets you place, the amount you wager and the odds to name just a few.

If you are serious about football betting and you want to see results, you’ll have to dedicate at least a couple of hours per week to your football betting activities. This will ensure you are informed about changing odds, betting markets and any relevant information needed to place bets.

In doing so, you can expect an average return of around €200 per month. This estimate can vary and depends on the tipster’s (if used) profit too. Higher monthly returns are also possible and can go from anything between €400-€600 per month, with losses of up to €200 being a possibility.